Refineries Operating in the United States

There are just 18 refineries operating in the U.S. which refine used waste oil. They are located in Arkansas, California (2), Delaware, Florida, Indiana (2), Louisianna (2), Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon (2), Texas (2), Utah and Washington.

Currently, only three refineries out of 18 nationally produce 100 million gallons of base oil annually. The fourth-largest produces just 25 million gallons.

This is a disturbingly low number considering, according to the DOE’s “Used Oil Re-refining Study…, “The United States creates 25 percent of the world’s UMO but ranks very low in recovery due to individual usage by do-it-yourself individuals. It is estimated that the U.S. recovers 75 percent of the used oil of which only 5% is re-refined.

European countries, which create 28 percent of the world’s UMO, have three times as many re-refining facilities as the United States, according to the DOE’s “Used Oil Re-refining Sudy…”Germany and France lead the way, Germany recovers 94 percent of it’s UMO and re-refines 41 percent of it; France recovers 78 percent and re-refines 42 percent.

Rubicon Energy Group, LLC, commitment is to expand this recovery rate of UMO’s to European levels by tailoring contracts with large multi-unit brands which generate waste oil and other recycle products. It is good for business and the environment. We will use innovative programs to reduce the 25 percent gap in waste oil that is improperly disposed of by do-it-yourself individuals. The programs will be tailored to appeal to both the environment and charitable components of human nature.


Rubicon Energy Group, LLC, has the experience and infrastruture to accommodate both local and national waste oil pickup programs. We have established national relationships with refineries and collectors for maximum efficiency and providing a competitive price structure. Our ability to pick up transmission fluid, antifreeze and oil filters contributes to a safer environment. Waste oil from oil filters alone equals 20,000,000 gallons in the U.S. The ability to have a closed loop system allows retailers to private label API certified re-refined oil for resale at very competitive pricing which improves their margins. Rubicon Energy Groups structure also allows franchisors or owners of retail establishments to monitor the disposal of the waste oil per location, thus establishing a benchmark for environmental oversight.